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Games real vs virtual game Real-life Scene 1. In the public home are confronted with two tiny screens, presenting children's animation. Mama seats facing them kids aged about 4 years - a child then a child. She sat them at pufach just a typical television viewing, believing that the projects live television screens. Children immediately wake up and style the supervisor recognizing the touch projects with computer activities. They know how to control the functioning fields then instantly learn the principles of amusement. Fun are interesting, interesting with educational. But, with nearly 10 little, children begin to look around, move in pufach and get up, next the lad go up the train. Something, however, needs the crack. Results are not entirely satisfied and are looking for new, real, motor sensations. Scene 2. Space is split in a big space with a lot of people. Some of them use iPhones or laptops. Younger perform on PSP and focus on tune with MP3 persons, and I live writing this article manipulating the product. After circling the room about 8-year-old boy, zaglądający the screens these symbol also attempting to find list with sport. Each hit recounts wanted their mother. Complementing the satisfaction with the positive results of that special test is the ability to show off an important role and get praise. It is her agreement and laugh, and not solely the cognitive curiosity encouraged him to help exploration. Great processor with a small son with higher needs Universality, openness and usability of computers is a indication of progressive period. Clearly visible is usually a charm with the news invention of this expertise and also the electronic world. Multifunctional computers, electronic plan, the exclusive world is modernity with truth. The disagreement in the real world then the digital slowly blurred. Practicing the electronic world, community, global has become a quite real and extensive. This reality has wrote the junior places. They become completely meets the requirements of babies? Is it enough to ensure the well advancement in the broad? These examples show it is not with suggest what this lacks. What is the technological advantage of computers, games, virtual rival, is usually a limitation in attaining social skills. The computer system is unrealistically consistent and predictable. Always behave using the same principles, strictly comply with the direct, it reacts the same approach. In the real world call such buy is unreachable. That expertise is inadequate, because it does not show anything important. On the contrary - shapes the illusion of calm, reliability, and produce the world the motivations in the self. In real life and connections is the opposite. Realists spouse or rivals are challenging, they have their own motivations and aims, often different from your wants. The habits are surprising, often illogical, sometimes rude. They may not understand the guidelines of "fair play", to try to cheat, charged for incompetence. These are painful and testing experience, but really. Good training is to make the child to deal in connections with extra partners, much more demanding than a computer. The laptop is certainly not a sour humor Computer games, electronic devices offering entertainment, technical explanations for conversation are presented, ready to go to the every call. Our poverty and wish to settle on what will happen - whether I will enjoy a game, listen to music, and can send funny message. In actual, someone to talk to or perform a big game he should suggest it, receive and advance him to this fun. Sometimes even assure people it is a better sense than the one he advises. That shows establish contact, negotiation, persuasion, beginning the codes of value and assistance. Computer perfectly knows the rules from the game, never in doubt "just how to help tease", he realizes all the principles and exceptions. Strictly observe the rules from the sport, behaving honestly, fairly counted places. In the competition earth with really partners you have to contend not just with the game itself, but also the lack of competence or integrity partner. It's a tough experience, but must learn how to manage the tentative and ambiguous, which is risky. All sports - real and exclusive - very absorb children engage emotionally, evoke strong feelings. While just within tough with real partners you can watch the different responses to the same situations. One child cries after dropping while his associate advocates a rematch. That and provides opportunity to survey the expression of feelings (facial expressions, gestures, states), that teaches them good recognition. That gift is the starting point for empathy and emotional sensitivity, so crucial for victory in bonds.

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